What Patients Say

“I came to Acupuncture For Wellness for a specific problem and have noticed that as this problem is being treated all other parts of my body improve including my emotions!  In other words, my whole life is improving and I am grateful to see this because the sliding scale allows me to get treated on a regular and long term basis. I could always see the tremendous value of acupuncture however before the sliding scale concept I never got treated more than a few times due to the cost. Thank you Sarah!”

- L.S.

“When I moved to Portland, one of the first things I did was go looking for an acupuncturist.  I have been using acupuncture for big and little things ever since I lived in Japan decades ago, when I discovered it could sometimes do things that other therapies can’t.  Very shortly after finding Sarah here, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I want to stress that I did everything that my conventional oncologist told me to do, and I am now cancer free.  Though we are blessed to be living in a time when western medicine has treatments for cancer, those treatments can be hard on you.  One thing I learned about cancer is that you have to treat the treatment.   So, I was blessed twice because I had Sarah in place.

The very day after getting my diagnosis, I went to her for relief from the shock and anxiety that can grip you after getting a diagnosis like that.   Her needling for this (three spots in the ear) gave me days of peace, which is really important with a disease whose psychological challenges were harder than the physical ones.  I came back for it as often as I had to.  I also came to Sarah to detox my system after each chemo round.  Once treatment ended, I went to her for help building back up after the year’s onslaught.   (Untested by me but worth reporting: Although I found anti-nausea pharmaceuticals effective in getting me through chemo, a 25-year veteran cancer nurse told me, “Nothing we can give you works better than acupuncture for nausea.”)

As my particular cancer required a hysterectomy, I went into menopause overnight.   My symptoms aren’t that bad (well, compare them to going through cancer!), but I have a couple I’d rather do without.  Sarah actually went and studied up on the things I presented and came up with a needling protocol that works beautifully when those symptoms act up.

And this testimonial is leaving out so much more.  Like Sarah’s gentle sweetness when bundled with her solid support.  There for me like a rock.  And her staff were, too.  If just loving the sight of these folks whenever I come through their door has beneficial effects on one’s health, and I happen to think it does, then it’s no wonder I am hale and hearty as I write this.”

- P.N.

“I came to Sarah about a month ago with extreme anxiety and depression. I was crying all the time, anxious to the point where I was missing work and just plain miserable. This had been going on for about 2 ½ months. Of course I saw my doctor, and was prescribed medications and counseling, but I was still struggling. My friend, recommended Sarah because she got such great results with her autoimmune disorder symptoms.

At my consultation Sarah was so compassionate and reassuring. She suggested I try acupuncture for a month, then re-evaluate how I was doing. The atmosphere is so relaxing, and healing. I felt nervous at my first session, but quickly became very comfortable, and even fell asleep after that.

I noticed improvement within 2 sessions. It has been just about a month now, and I feel so much better. I am so happy I gave Sarah/Acupuncture a try. I wasn’t sure, but now I would recommend it to anyone with physical or emotional challenges. It really has helped me.  Thanks Sarah!”

- S.G., RN

“Acupuncture For Wellness has been my second experience with acupuncture. The clinic is very clean, comfortable and inviting. The treatment area is very serene and provides a sense of privacy even though it is a community treatment room. Every effort is made to keep each patient very comfortable to optimize the acupuncture benefits. The other clinic I was treated in, while I was the only patient, the room was very bright with a lot of distractions, which made it impossible to relax. I have been treated twice a week for approximately two months and have fallen asleep each time. I always feel like I have all the time in the world rather than being rushed out when my time is up.

Sarah is both a very professional healthcare provider and a wonderful person. Sarah is very good at listening and talking through issues with me; she is a true partner in my healthcare. She has helped me with some physical pain in both my knee and jaw as well as emotional based issues. I feel I can speak openly about my treatments and she is very responsive to making adjustments to make sure I am comfortable. I have taken my husband to see her and will bring my son in as well. I work with cancer patients and have recommended to some of them the ways acupuncture can help manage side effects. I can’t tell enough people about how wonderful Sarah and her clinic is!”

- S.K.

“When I was looking for a non-steroid form of treating my chronic pain I found Acupuncture For Wellness. Sarah’s treatments relieved my sciatica pain and have kept me from those dreaded cortisone shots for more than six years. I look forward to my weekly treatment, and Yes! I recommend her to all my friends.”

- M.B.